Being born with the most powerful tool known to us in our own heads can be a confusing and bewildering thing without a map and compasses, but with these things we can quickly learn how to take control and smoothly sail through life’s adventures in the way we really want to, leaving us with more time and space to enjoy living the life we create.

Hypnosis is the state of mind by which these "map and compasses" can be easily accessed and used to our advantage. People have been utilising this natural state in many different cultures across the world for thousands of years.

Luckily for us, during the late 1970s Dr. Richard Bandler and John Grinder brought it all up to date and set about studying and decoding what it was about the way in which successful therapists communicate with their clients that gave such remarkable results. From this, they came up with Neuro - Linguistic Programming. This gave instant appeal to our modern, more scientific ways of thinking, improving the understanding and consequently, the efficiency and power of the change process.

The relationship between NLP and Hypnosis is un-dividable. The two have contributed so much to each other, and it is fair to say they both work with processes present before anyone came up with names for them.

The benefits of NLP and modern Hypnosis have proven to reach far and beyond therapy alone...

Increased performance and in sport, business, personal life, building successful relationships, emotional, spiritual, physical and mental awakening, freedom from addictions like smoking, drugs, alcohol, eating too much, control over compulsive and un-desirable behaviour, release of anxiety, stress or tension (to name but a few).

The potential is there to achieve excellence in any conceivable walk of life.