Our Vision

Nowadays, the usage of the personal development and self healing techniques such as, NLP, Coaching, hypnosis, EFT, Reiki… spread rapidly worldwide.

The purpose of MTI is to facilitate the alignment of professional NLP Trainers, Professional Licensed Mental Health Therapists, Consultants, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Physicians, Professional Hypnosis Trainers, EFT Trainers, Master Coaches and Reiki Masters around the world in the ethical and professional use of NLP, Hypnosis, EFT, Reiki, Coaching, Quantum through the standardization and continual improvement of the techniques accreditation process.  To pursuit this purpose the trainers and the master trainers have to meet MTI standards. The MTI members also have perfection around the world with the standards and the ethics of the MTI.

MTI is the way both the trainers and the participants who attend trainings can go along for the protection of their rights. MTI is a worldwide web which have represents in different countries around the world to protect the quality and the standards of the trainings globally. 

The representations around the world provide the standard trainings for every country with their professional trainers. Every trainer of MTI can give the international certificates of MTI to the participants. These international certificates are the proof of MTI trainers’ service quality.

All the members of MTI are agreed with the standards of ethics, professionalism and competence in the training of each technique.

MTI is dedicated to leadership that builds an excellent membership organization that supports humanistic attitudes, practices and practitioners. Mind Training Institute promote learning, joy, fun, upliftment, tranquility, truth-telling, love, and enlightenment for all. MTI members agree to maintain high standards in their whole life. MTI members practice self-improvement with education, communication, support, & promotion.